Taber Maine presents: The Pretty LSD

by Corey Baum

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Recorded live in a barn in Ohio with my best buds.
Brandon Smith on Bass guitar
Corey Zidow on drum set
Jeff Loose on lead guitar
Marky Daly on the 1's and 2's
Taber Maine sangin n strummin


released April 20, 1969

Thanks to Jon Parfitt for mixing counsel wizardry.


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Corey Baum Austin, Texas

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Track Name: Used To Need A Girl
I Used to need a girl that could blow my mind every time that she spoke
But now I don't mind if all she does is tell me jokes
But you can look me in the eyes when you need you
And I'll know

So be my sweet baby and I'll hang out with you every day
Just show me where it hurts and I'll try and take the pain away
But I ain't promising roses I got rent to pay

Said all I need lover is a job and my cheap life style
And your loving on the side just to make sure I wake with a smile
I'm working my way home to heaven earning 7.35

Well I used to wait for trumpets just to let me know I'm living the life
But now I just follow the bottle and what feels right
You're more than just another girl you're the reason I get up at night

But I'm taking off baby and I'm sorry that I don't have a plan
But I still got a lot of living and America's a real big land
Besides a man once told me that nothing is a real cool hand.
Track Name: November 2nd, 2004
Well I was waiting for the sound of his first swing
My friends were scattered all around just listening
And I said, "can't you read my lips"
He said, "boy, I ain't reading shit"

See we had all just heard the news about who won
And we were struggling just to booze when like a shot gun through the door
Came a group of them, yellin BOYS we just did it again

So now I'm squaring off with him across me
I felt by had start to swim as he got me
I cursed God and screamed out, "what a night
First we lost the election and then I lost the fight"

And I was on my way down when they caught me
I was routing for the ground to stop me
But it's cool cause I'm through choosing
I don't wanna win, I'll just look good losing
Track Name: Times Is Hard
The sun hadn't risen as snow was falling this morning
And I leaned over to kiss your head again
But when did you leave and how did I sleep so soundly
Knowing that I was breaking your heart again

So start up the engine and turn that CD off
Cause I gotta think about what's going on
Cause I gotta girl that don't wanna do nothing but love me
So why am I so sad, and why can't I give her my love

I'm an animal it's true
Just look what I've done to you
I'm a demon in disguise
Hidden from your searching eyes
And all tragedies must fade
In our dying modern age
I'm searching for a sympathy that the world ain't got to give

I'm struggling for tragic to call myself MacBeth
but melodramatics the word that describes me best
And I ain't noble, I've drawn these sorrows to me
And made up the very bed that I call my own

Well this ain't a narrative, I'm just sayin
That times is hard any way that you shake em
And it's getting colder and I ain't ready for winter
Cuz I got holes in me that I can't keep warm
Track Name: I Could, We Could
You should really know just how I feel before I go
Cause I'm taking off but really I just want you

I could call you everyday just to make sure that you woke up for work okay
Now that ain't part of my phone plan, but I'd pay extra for you

Or I could carry your laundry bag and lend you some quarters because you forgot to get change
And then I'd hang around and help fold your clothes with you

I know that it don't sound like much
But baby, it's all me
And I'm promising to give you what I got
If you could just give me what I need.

You could get stood up on a date and I'd take you out for pizza even if it were late
Now I hate to be plan b but I'd be that for you

We could travel the world I suppose and eat fancy food and wear nice clothes
But really I'm cool just sitting around here with you

We could live like a dog on the street
But I'd play on the corners just to make ends meet
Because really, I'd have all I needed
Cause I'd have you.
Track Name: Can I Call You Baby
I'm singing Ba-buh-buh-buh-buh-babay
Just give me one more chance and don't go away
Girl I swear I'm gonna be a big shot one day

Said I wanna make love to you on a stage
I wanna snort a pill and stay up with you for days
I wanna stare into your eyes and call you my baby

And so I'm singing Bay-bay-bay-buh-buh-bay-buh-buh-bay
Give me one more chance and don't go away
Girl I swear I'm gonna be a big shot one day

Well I wanna be alone with you in this bar
But I guess I can settle for the back seat of my car
Girl there's a lotta lonesome people in this world but that ain't how I are

And so I'm singing....
Track Name: I Woke Up This Morning
I woke up this morning and it felt like the world ain't that bad
Cause last night was one of the best, one of the best I ever had
Baby you took me trembling and cautious
And made me feel like a man

Well the sun it woke me early and for the first time I didn't mind not having shades
And the neighbors dog was barking but it sounded like it was just singing to me
And the damp wood rotting my house, well it's just trying to set me free

And the flies on all my dishes were just doing their best to make em clean
And I swatted at em as they rose up, but it wasn't to be mean
And the city came and said I gotta cut my lawn
I said yeahhhhhh man. Yeah I know what you mean

Now the neighbors yelling at me because my trashcans spelling garbage in her yard
And I smiled and tried to gently console her, ma'm times is hard
My mailbox is overflowing with student loans I'll never pay
But who the hell cares about their credit, at my age anyways.

As long as I can still get a beer when I forget my wallet man I'm free
And that's the only kind of credit, that I'll ever need

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